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, of the ford motor company. in an average week in the u.s., thousands of babies are born prematurely and develop lifelong health problems or disabilities. that is why thousands of families and business leaders will once again join together to support the march of dimes in our nation's oldest walk fundraiser, the march for babies. i am proud to be one of the national co-chairs for the 2010 march for babies. together with the u.a.w., we are committed to raising awareness and funding from volunteers like you. your funds support research and community programs to ensure that someday, all babies will be born healthier and lead happier lives. volunteers enabled the march of dimes to conquer polio. we are confident that, with your help, we can walk together toward a healthier future for our nation's babies and have fun. please join us. register today at >>> afghan anxiety. the desperate search for missing sailors and a huge leak of classified information from the battle front. >>> then, chief change. bp's top executive, tony hey ward, heads out while the replacement move
and are holding the other one hostage. the u.s. has not confirmed that report or said why the servicemen put themselves in harm's way. >>> the dead toll has risen to 19 after a stampede at a german music festival. organizers of the so-called love parade face some tough questions about why hundreds of thousands of people were funneled through a single highway underpass into the site. witnesses described a desperate scene there as people literally piled up on each other or scrambled over others who had fallen. >>> it is revolutionary day in cuba, and former president fidel castro has made another public appearance. castro was seen outside havana for the first time since giving up power four years ago. the 84-year-old wore an olive-green shirt that looked like the military uniform he wore for decades. lately he has been seen in track suits. >>> flood damage from this weekend's disastrous dam break in eastern iowa is estimated to be well into the millions, and the threat from surging water is not over yet. the maquoketa river is expected to crest today at a record high of more than 32 feet. here
rpassed vietnam as the longest military campaign in u.s. history. republican richard lugar demands more clarity about the administration's direction. also tributes were being paid to three british soldiers who also lost their lives in violent attacks, kill the by a rogue afghan soldier who has since gone on the run. >> they've got to reassure us they're doing everything they can to minimize it happening again. but for those who it has happened to in that patrol base, this will have been a horrific event. >> as the british casualties also continue to climb, it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend the british presence in afghanistan. also, this morning afghan president hamid karzai endorsed a u.s. plan to set up local police forces to help afghan villagers protect themselves. >> thanks to sonia gallego in london. >>> officers from north korea and the american-led united nations force that helps protect south korea came face to face this morning. on the agenda was the sinking of that south korean navy ship back in march. 46 south korean sailors were killed in that incident. th
information about u.s. business, scientific and political affairs to pass on to the russian government. many of them make court appearances today. >>> attention, parents of children who received free jewelry trinkets from a number of clinics the last five years. it may be tainted with toxic metal called cadmium. the government announced a recall of 70,000 of the so-called children's happy charm bracelets and rings distributed by doctors and dentists since 2005. it is the fourth recall this year of chinese-made jewelry. >>> here's an airline travel nightmare we haven't heard of before. a us airways flight from atlanta to charlotte was forced to return to the gate after maggots fell from the overhead bin onto seated passengers. they came from a container of spoiled meat that had been stowed by a passenger. the airline cleaned the plane and then the flight continued. the person who carried on the meat took a later flight. i'm sure was heckled by everybody else on board that plane. can you imagine? >> no, can we get away from this video? i don't want to imagine. >> as if snakes on a plane wasn't
. ♪ >> reporter: for some u.s. soldiers working the front lines in iraq, this was a special fourth of july. a citizenship ceremony for foreign-born soldiers presided over by vice president joe biden. here at home, a day of parades like this one in historic philadelphia. a fife and drum corps at the national archives. and what would july fourth be without baseball? or the annual hot dog eating contest at nathan's in coney island. the winner, joey chestnut, 54 dogs and buns in 10 minutes. along the gulf coast, a more subdued holiday weekend. the beach crowds were absent. an uninvited guest, the biggest oil spill in u.s. history, spoiled the party. but for most of the country, the holiday spirit endured. larry jacobs, abc news. >>> cooling centers will be open in many parts of new york city today as forecasters predict a dangerous heat wave in the northeast. >> it could be the worst heat wave in 20 years. meteorologist ava dinges has the latest from accuweather. good morning, eva. >> good morning, jeremy and vinita. it was a sizzling fourth of july for many in the fourth east. in fact, centra
is on hold. now allegations of u.s. war crimes from the man who first published the documents online. t.j. winick has the latest now from washington. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and vinita. the documents come to light at a time when the public and congress have some serious doubts about the war. it is being called one of the biggest intelligence breaches in u.s. history. 92,000 leaked reports, six years of classified records, depicting details about missions gone horribly wrong, civilian deaths, and being double-crossed by our alleged ally the pakistani government. >> it poses a very real and potential threat to those that are working hard every day to keep us safe. >> reporter: the u.s. gives more than $1 billion annually to pakistan to help fight terrorism. but there are 180 dispatches, some offering strong detail that pakistan's military intelligence agency, the isi, is helping the afghan insurgency attack american troops. >> i'm looking forward to my meeting with the defense minister. we have a lot to talk about. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton dodged a
? >>> in other news now, one of the biggest leaks of military records in u.s. history is now threatening to weaken support for the war in afghanistan. more than 90,000 documents leaked to an online whistleblower site revealed details of the war from 2004 to 2009. they show a u.s.-led effort that simply lacked funds and resources, even as the taliban insurgency grew stronger. the pure volume of the disclosure is simply enormous. here's senior foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: it will create a lot of tension. the national security adviser just put out a release saying this threatens national security. there's a lot of detail in this. not really anything very new, but listen to this. pakistan's military spy service has guided the afghan insurgency. how a secret unit of special forces hunts down taliban leaders for kill or capture without trial. how the u.s. has evidence that the taliban has acquired surface-to-air missiles. >> abc's martha raddatz. she will take an in-depth look at the records leak and its impact later today on "good morning america." >>> meanwhile
the application remains to be seen. >> of course, wonder how the supplies in u.s., back in april facebook did update its safety features in the u.s. here are four quick steps. go to account, go to help center, safety, then safety for teens. those are the four steps you have to take. >> as with so many of these changes it all stems from a tragic incident. this one in the uk, a 17-year-old girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered. they realize -- this guy posed as someone else on facebook. they realize these changes have to happen. we'll be right back with angelina jolie, stick around. man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. the wishes of thousands of children are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at >>> angelina jolie seems to have it all. considered one of the most stunning women in the world, no argument there. >> cynthia mcfadden sat down with jolie to talk about her new movie role and her life with brad pitt. >> i'm innocent! somebody is getting me up! >> reporter: jolie plays the t
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pakistanis that the u.s. is concerned with their welfare, and not just focused on fighting terrorists. later today, clinton travels to kabul to take part in a one-day international summit on afghanistan's future. >>> after two years of delays the boeing 787 dream liner has made its international debut. the much-anticipated jumbo jet touched down on british soil yesterday after a test flight from seattle just in time for the annual air show. the dream liner claims to be lighter and greener than its rivals. boeing hopes to deliver its first dream line tore a japanese airline by the enof the year. >>> buff germany's busiest highways came to a screeching halt all in the name of culture. nearly 40 miles of the autobahn was shut down to vehicles and transformed into a performance venue. some 3 million people turned out for the cultural festival which featured a giant table made up of 20,000 individual tables. kind of cool there. anyone who wanted to was invited to perform. >> that's actually very cool, to close off that much of the street. >> speaking of cool, a bit of bubbly for divers in finland
. so far this month, at least 42 u.s. troops have died in the war in afghanistan. that puts july on pace to be one of the deadliest months yet in the conflict. >> for the mother of one of those troops killed, a surreal moment happened when she was actually watching abc news. she saw something only a mother could have noticed. here's martha raddatz. >> when i saw the footage, it was on an abc news report. and i saw the footage. and what i saw was a soldier being put on a medevac helicopter. and it was only showing the soldier from the chest down. but it showed his hands. i knew they were his hands because i'm his mother. >> reporter: this is the mother of 21-year-old stephan mace, who loved animals, his army buddies, and his family. >> and i looked over to my husband and i said, richard, those are stephan's hands, i just know they are. after we saw that, i somehow tried getting in touch with the reporter. >> reporter: she found our karen russo, who was the reporter in the medevac helicopter that night, taping the scene. >> the mom had somehow, in less than ten seconds, maybe less
between four to ten hours. >>> international intrigue. the u.s. and russia swapping suspected spies. the secrecy and high stakes. >>> then, power struggle. protecting energy supplies during one of the worst east coast heat waves in years. >>> and, history lost. a striking image of a once-great city's fall. a photograph of one of detroit's forgotten homes. >> i think it's just especially tragic. >> can this century-old mansion survive the wrecking ball? it's thursday, july 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's a pretty fascinating story. a lot of credit due to our producer jake. he's gone through and basically traced the history of one house over the course of the last 100 or so years. and that house is really indicative of detroit's story. we'll take a look at it this half hour. >> the decline? >> yeah, basically. this one house tells the whole story of that town, troubled town. stick around for that. thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> it reads like a spy novel. secret meetings on two continents which could lead to
post" reports that several u.s. government agencies are now preparing a criminal probe of at least three companies involved in the spill. bp, transocean, and halliburton are the initial targets. investigators are looking into the relationship between the companies and the federal agency in charge of oil drilling. >>> people whose livelihoods are being hurt by the spill are telling their stories to lawmakers on capitol hill. emily schmidt has that story from washington. >> reporter: the fallout reaches from the coast -- >> it's imimpacted us greatly. >> do you solemnly swear to tell the truth -- >> reporter: to the capitol where two different congressional hearings focus on people hurt by the spill. >> i don't know a single business that has not been directly affected by this oil. >> reporter: the head of alabama's gulf coast convention and visitors bureau says hotels that are usually full this time of year are now 70% vacant. restaurant owners see it too. >> and this is not a sustainable business model. >> reporter: the u.s. travel association wants bp to earmark $500 million for a
is accused of trying to trade or sell president obama's former u.s. senate seat. the ousted governor's brother and former fund-raiser will be back on the stand today. attorneys also plan to call white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. >>> millions of americans still searching for work could receive an extension of their unemployment benefits if a bill passes the senate later today. the bill easy been bogged down over republican concerns about how to pay for the additional benefits. they want to do it with without adding to the national debt. president obama has accused the gop of playing politics. >> over the past few weeks, a majority of senators have tried, not once, not twice, but three times, to extend emergency relief on a temporary basis. each time, a partisan minority in the senate has used parliamentary maneuvers to block a vote denying millions of people who are out of work much-needed relief. >> even though the economy is said to be slowly recovering, the unemployment rate is still high at 9.5%. >>> a senate committee is expected to approve the nomination of elena kagan as
this also that is these running groups are really picking up. not only are they now in the u.s., they are taking over in europe as well. wherever you are, you can find a group if you're inteáñáñáñáñáñáñ >>> funding fight. capitol hill democrats defy the president. >> costs of this war are too enormous in blood and treasure. >> the battle over money for the afghanistan war. >>> then, arizona exodus. the impact of the state's controversial immigration law, just before it takes effect. >>> and, challenging case. the difficulty in tracking down a suspected serial murderer. it's wednesday, july 28th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. >>> we begin with breaking news out of pakistan. authorities say at least five people have died after a commercial jetliner crashed into the hills above islamabad. >> investigators say the plane, owned by air blue, was taking off from karachi when it was about to land and lost control with the control tower and crashed. as you can see in that video it is still a very active scene
the $25 billion, for example, the u.s. alone has given for development to the afghan people. the afghan government argues that simply hasn't happened in the last nine years. >> how easy will it be to make that happen, potentially? >> yeah, rob, it's the key question. because it won't be easy at all. the afghan government is one of the most corrupt in the world. and there have been huge fears that just because all of a sudden the afghan government says it can deliver this money, whether the money will actually be delivered to the afghan people. and of course, it's extremely difficult when violence here is at an all-time high. more afghans and americans are dying here than nine years of war. rob? >> all right, thank you very much. >>> it was a horrible scene in northern mexico after gunmen opened fire on a party. at least 17 people were killed and 18 injured. some of them critically. officials say the gunmen began shooting without saying a word. investigators recovered 122 spent shells. they believe the incident was related to mexico's raging drug war. >> awful story. >>> now
involving the u.s. and russia. last night ten russian spies left, deported from the u.s. >> in moscow the russian government pardoned four people there accused of spying for the u.s. mike marusarz has the latest. good morning, mike. >> reporter: jeremy and vinita, warming relations between russia and the united states in part helped expedite this entire spy swap. a deal that was put fully into motion with guilty pleas. a caravan sped toward an airport in new york. inside, ten russians who pleaded guilty to being unregistered agents of the russian government. their sentence, time served and an order to leave the united states immediately and never return. the confessions cleared the way for a spy swap not seen since the cold war. >> a number of people pled guilty to being undisclosed agents of the russian federation. it sends a message to that agency that it will likely not be in a position to do this again for a long while and sends a message to every other intelligence agency in every other country that if you come to america to spy on americans in america, you will be exposed and ar
-- >> are they small? >> he put them in a sock, tied it around his waist. in mexico these sell for $30, in the u.s. it's $775. i want to get the pronunciation of these monkeys correct. these were in a girdle around his waist. spelled titi. >> titi? >> it doesn't sound -- i don't want to say what it sounds like when i first read it. titi, say it however you want. it's a sad story in the sense two of those four monkeys were dead at the time they confiscated them off him. that is what a titi monkey looks like. >> wrapped in a girdle around his waist in a sock. i guess they suffocated? i don't know. >> i don't know, just sad. >> i won't probe too deeply into that. it was a cool feeling growing up when the ice cream truck would roll down the street. >> that's the one. dogs in london can experience a similar thing. they're opening up ice cream vans for dogs in london. they can go up and get their little treat with their owner on a hot day and cool off. i'm not a pet person, but i thought that was kind of a different idea. >> is that a human treat there? or that is something made of like alpo? >> they have i
are all in u.s. custody. >>> if you haven't bought those forever stamps you might want to make a run for the post office. that's because the postal service wants another rate increase. it will not cover the agency's deepening financial hole. >> reporter: the postal service now wants to raise your stamp prices by 2 cents. and make sending small packages about 7% more expensive. but that is not likely to stop the bleeding. in recent years, the postal service has let go of more than 200,000 employees and cut $1 billion a year in expenses. and it's still looking at a deficit of $7 billion this year. so now the postal service is proposing cutting saturday delivery, which would save $2 billion to $3 billion a year. and there are other ideas pouring in from all over. including turning the nation's 36,000 post offices into places where you can buy retail items, get hunting and fishing licenses, or just hang out. kind of like starbucks. >> it could well be something like that. where you get wi-fi, you get help with some sort of identification card that you need, or more information. >> report
brother degrees and criticizing north korea for its stagnation. the u.s. and south korea hold joint military exercises this weekend to prepare for possible aggression by north korea. >>> a deadly cold spell is gripping parts of latin america, destroying crops and killing cattle there. >> people in bolivia, chile and other cun trees are struggling to cope with heavy snow and subfreezing temperatures. in argentina alone, more than two dozen people have died from exposure and other weather-related problems. >>> as for the weather here at home, severe weather from montana to the northeast. gusty winds, heavy rain, and flash flooding for that entire stretch with a chance of isolated tornados in the plains. showers from texas to florida and up to the carolinas. >> mostly 90s up and down the east coast. 85 in omaha. 88 in minneapolis. 98 in dallas. triple digits for phoenix and salt lake city. 80 in seattle. 91 in colorado springs. 94 in boise. >>> it was a whopper of a catch for a st. louis fisherman. >> greg bearnal and his girlfriend reeled in a record 130-pound catfish from the missour
made headlines. brian venice, accused of attacking a u.s. military base in afghanistan, and providing al qaeda with details about new york's rail system. many, including chesser, allegedly used the internet to contact radicals like anwar al awlaki, who has been tied to the ft. hood massacre and the failed christmas day and times square bombings. >> i think this is what we have feared for a very long time, that finally the ideology of radical islam is effectively reaching into the united states to disaffected people here. over the internet and through other ways. >> reporter: authorities are in a race against time to find these domestic radicals before there's a successful attack here at home. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >>> white house pay czar ken feinberg releases his report on executive pay today. it concludes that u.s. banks paid out $1.5 billion in unwarranted bonuses just as the financial system was collapsing. the report names 17 companies that made huge payouts immediately after receiving billions in taxpayer aid, with citigroup as the worst offender. most of the comp
. apache is the largest independent oil company in the u.s. bp's stock has fallen 44% since late april. >>> abc's diane sawyer reports from the gulf coast starting tuesday. you'll see her coverage on the oil disaster on "world news." >>> president obama is condemning two bomb attacks on soccer fans in uganda, calling them "deplorable." the bombs exploded simultaneously at a rugby club and a restaurant in the capital city of kampala. at least 64 were killed, at least one american is dead, and a teenager from pennsylvania is among those americans injured. somali groups with ties to al qaeda may be behind the attacks. >>> six months after an enormous earthquake crushed haiti very little has changed. the recovery process is slow, mired in red tape. power outages are still frequent. despite the billions in relief pledged from around the world, nearly 2 million haitians are still homeless. >>> the infamous barefoot bandit is under arrest this morning in the bahamas. police say the teenager led a life of crime for years, stealing cars, boats and planes before finally getting captured. eric ho
with him on that? >> i'm interested in not making this a u.s./u.k. issue. it shouldn't be. bp, it has 39% of its shareholders in the u.s. and 40% in the uk, pretty balanced between the two countries. what matters is dealing with the issue and the issue is the spill in the gulf, the need to cap the well, the need to make the payments, rather than to get into a war of words. i don't want to do that. >> afghanistan. are the international forces winning? >> i think we're making progress. but is it tough, is it difficult, are we losing too many lives there? yes, i would say that's the case. >> 321, perhaps more, fatalities among british troops and we have seen those incredible scenes of the hearses in the village streets with the veterans saluting them as they go by. >> well, it is by far, i mean, by a million miles, the biggest responsibility, the biggest challenge that i feel that i have personal responsibility for what happens, for the fact that we have troops in combat, for the fact those people are in harm's way. and i think very hard all the time, are we in afghanistan in the right way,
training. the bill goes to the senate today. >>> the u.s. marshals office is investigating threats against a federal judge in the arizona immigration battle. judge susan bolton has received thousands of phone calls and e-mails since her ruling. some of those messages are positive but the marshal service says others were threatening, and those will be investigated. >>> dozens of people protesting arizona's new immigration law were arrested outside the county jail in downtown phoenix. police in riot gear fought with demonstrators. protesters in several cities also rallied. a federal appeals panel is expected to rule on the enforcement of some of the more controversial aspects the law. >>> what about the woman at the center of the immigration battle? arizona's republican governor jan brewer? she's taking on not only protesters but also the president and the department of justice. here now is david muir. >> reporter: before signing this nation's toughest immigration bill back in april, few in this country even knew her name. now it's hard to miss. >> governor of
the u.s. and south korea hold major joint military exercises, north korea has warned to cancel any such plans. >> the exercise has come on the heels of secretary of state clinton's visit to south korea where she announced new sanctions against the north. the communist regime is also demanding those sanctions be dropped as well. the u.s. is ignoring both those warnings. >>> in russia they are suffering from a summer heat wave just like the ones we've been seeing. just like us they're looking for ways to beat all that heat. >> that has led many russians to the beach. unfortunately it has also led to a record number of drowning deaths. alex marquardt has more from moscow. >> reporter: for almost a month, scenes like this have played out across russia. scorching temperatures from a ferocious heat wave, sending russians looking for any relief they can find. farmers have been forced to harvest the crops they still have at night, as they suffer the worst drought in over a century. the peat bogs around moscow are burning. in the far east russians are sunbathing on glaciers. with temperatur
leaked to the media this week. the names of afghans who have helped the u.s. by providing information were among the secrets revealed. and now they may be in grave danger. martha raddatz has the story. >> reporter: we are pleasure blurring the names of the informants. but al qaeda and the taliban have already been able to see them on the wikileaks website. names of ordinary afghans who have risked their lives to help american forces, and now could very well lose their lives. >> it's entirely possible that within days, weeks, people will be killed as a result of this kind of an exposure. >> reporter: there are numerous examples. the identity of the district chief of a village we won't name, informed coalition forces that the taliban are planning to attack district offices soon. this one names a man who was trying to defect from the taliban and turned over a letter about taliban plans for attacks. and another one, the name of a local man who had gone to the u.s. military to tell them the name of a taliban leader responsible in a recent attack by an estimated 100-plus taliban fighters in
december. half of those polled said the war in iraq has improved long-term u.s. security. 53% say the same about afghanistan. the falling support will be linked to an increasing death toll. 60 americans died in afghanistan last month. that is the most of any month so far. at least 37 americans have been killed there this month. >>> firefighters in southern california are facing a difficult battle as they try to control dozens of wildfires. lightning strikes from severe thunderstorms are blamed for starting most of the blazes. up to 80 homes are being threatened by the flames but no evacuations have been ordered so far. erratic winds and triple digit temperatures aren't helping things. >>> it's a critical phase in the gulf. now that the oil spill has been at least temporarily stopped, bp engineers are taking pressure readings from the new well cap every six hours. that's to determine if it is holding back the oil or if the well is leaking. david muir reports. >> reporter: it was the moment the people of the gulf have been waiting for, for nearly three months now. the oil halted. we watched
releases his report on executive pay today. it concludes that u.s. banks paid out $1.5 billion in unwarranted bonuses just as the financial system was collapsing. the report names 17 companies that made huge payouts immediately after receiving billions in taxpayer aid, with citigroup as the worst offender. most of the companies have paid back the bailout money so they have no obligation to reimburse the government. >>> with that here's a look at your weather now. tropical storm bonnie the big story today, expected to cross florida this afternoon with heavy rains and 45-mile-an-hour winds. monsoon rains mean flash flood dangers for arizona and new mexico. and powerful winds and hail are likely for the dakotas and iowa. >> expect hot weather in the mid-atlantic and south. 97 degrees in baltimore. 98 in atlanta. 96 in new orleans. cooler in the northeast. 86 here in boston. nice day for us. 80 in boston. colorado springs should reach 96. >>> a woman visiting yellowstone national park got a painful lesson about respecting nature. kathy hayes and a friend followed a bison leaving a
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of the ruling. a u.s. marshal spokesman says judge susan bolton received thousands of phone calls and e-mails. some of those he says have expressed displeasure in a perverted way. the threats are now being investigated. >>> mexico is claiming a major victory against its drug cartels. the army says it has killed ignacio "nacho" coronel. a key figure in the country's powerful methamphetamine trade. he died in a gun fight with soldiers near guadalajara. the fbi had offered a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture. because his operation smuggles so many drugs into the u.s. >>> montana investigators should know today if a captured grizzly is the bear that killed a camper. dna test results are due today. traps set at a campground snared a female bear and her three cubs. mike marusarz has more. >> repter: as the campers snuggled into their tents for a night of hibernation, what they didn't know was a bear was stalking the forest in yellowstone national park. until piercing screams from life-long camper deb freely sounded a warning. >> next thing i know this bear's chewing on
today to fight the judge's ruling. but the case would ultimately be decided by the u.s. supreme court. >>> it is estimated there are 500,000 undocumented immigrants in arizona. barbara pinto has their reaction to the federal ruling. >> reporter: in a matter of minutes, relief replaced dread. hope replaced fear. in this latino neighborhood in central phoenix -- >> happy emotions. >> happy emotions? what goes through your mind? >> that it's going to get better. there's hope. >> reporter: rosario peralta, who's here legally, watched customers in her family's grocery store disappear. frightened families moving out of state. some of them came back. >> i was really worried for all our customers. it's been slow. but thank god everything's right. >> reporter: in a conversation with diane sawyer, erika, a recent college graduate, feared for her future. >> i want to stay here in this country. i mean, this is my home. >> reporter: she crossed the border with her mom, sister and brothers illegally when she was 11 years old. running from domestic abuse. >> i went to bed really depressed. it's been
obama's former seat in the u.s. senate. >>> more than 150 beachgoers are recovering after being stung by a massive jellyfish in new hampshire. officials said even though the sea creature was dead its stingers remain active for a few days. it was identified as a lion's mane jellyfish, rarely found in waters so far south. >>> and in boston last night, an unfamiliar sight at historic fenway park. with the red sox out of town they were actually playing soccer there. >> it was an exhibition match between two big european teams. one from portugal, the other from scotland. over 32,000 fans packed in to watch. fenway had not hosted a soccer match since 1968 when pele took part in a game. >> former soccer star myself, did you know that? >> no. >> the malong green tree recreation league. big deal. >>> here's your thursday forecast now. severe weather in the nation's midsection with gusty winds, hail, and flash flooding from the dakotas to indianapolis. the strong storms into kentucky and tennessee, downpours and flooding in parts of arizona, colorado, and new mexico. >> 89 in albuquerque. 90 in
million he's already requested from congress, emergency funds to protect the u.s./mexico border. some of what that money will fund, 1,000 more border patrol agents and two more unmanned planes called drones, a popular military tool overseas, the planes are now being flown over the border to fight the war on illegal immigration. >> bottom line is that it's very, very disappointing. >> reporter: arizona governor jan brewer is moving forward with the state's controversial new immigration bill which becomes law next month. she and other officials on the state level don't think the federal government is doing enough. cities such as los angeles and san francisco boycotted arizona because of the new immigration law. but the law is gaining support. many states are considering similar laws to that of arizona's. in fremont, nebraska, voters passed a law banning businesses from hiring undocumented immigrants and landlords from renting to them. >> we're not welcome. i mean, they said it. >> reporter: the aclu believes these stricter immigration laws turn legal residents who look hispanic into sec
." whoo! awake again? >>> swiss officials may soon decide whether to extradite roman polanski to the u.s. to face prosecution in a 1977 sex case. movie director has been under house arrest in his swiss chalet since december. that's when he was released on $4.5 million bail. polanski would be able to appeal an extradition ruling. >>> for many military men and women wounded in afghanistan and iraq their return home can be a trying time for them and their families. >> two families set an example to do whatever they could to make their loved ones feel at home. >> reporter: ed edmondson has never set foot on a battlefield. but he's felt the cost of war. >> i just burned out. physically and mentally burned out. >> reporter: sarah wade hasn't served a day in the military. but in the face of daunting challenges she's shown a warrior's steely resolve. >> sometimes it felt like ted and i against the world. >> reporter: this is their battle. sarah's husband ted was injured on valentine's day in 2004. he lost his right arm and sustained a traumatic brain injury. so sarah quit her job, dropped out of
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